The Suitcase Series Volume 1: Camilla Engman

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The Suitcase Series Volume 1:
Camilla Engman

"Artist Camilla Engman may live in Gothenburg, Sweden, but her appeal is international. A professional illustrator and exhibiting artist, her images are whimsical, poignant, humourous and insightful. With her keen eye for finding the extraordinary in the everyday, Camilla documents her inspirations and endeavors on her popular blog.(

The Suitcase Series presents in glorious detail the lives of select artists and designers. The books are image-based, full of artwork, sketchbook pages, beautiful photographs and artifacts from where the artists live and work. The book becomes a precious souvenir of a creative journey shared between the reader and the artist.

Camilla’s book also includes a mini booklet about Morran, the little Swedish dog with a big imagination, a glassine envelope containing 4 postcards, and a baggage tag/bookmark: all held together with a custom-printed band. Preorders will ship with a two-colour art print and assorted swedish papers (limited quantity)." Uppercase